5 Signs Of Water Damage In Your Home

When it comes to a water damage situation, you probably think that it would be difficult to NOT notice. When we think of water damage, we often think of overflowing toilets, sink pipes bursting, or floodwater pouring in from the outside. We don’t always think of slow leaks from pipes inside of y0ur walls, or tiny cracks in the roof that allow water to slowly move through your roof structure. There are plenty of ways that water can damage y0ur home without your notice. But there are things you can do and signs y0u can look for that might indicate water damage. If any of these signs are found in your home, you will want to contact a professional water damage restoration company in the Waukesha area that can help y0u determine the extent of the problem and how to quickly remediate it.

Signs To Watch For

  • Standing Water – Standing water is obviously a major sign of water damage. Standing water often occurs when water heaters, toilets, and other appliances malfunction and leak. Leaks from the ceiling will also cause water to pool in an area.
  • Discoloration – When an area is damaged by water, it will look different. The coloring will be off and you’ll probably notice a yellowing or browning in the original color. If mold growth is happening, the coloring could look more green or even black. Look closely at the walls and ceiling for cracking or bubbling. This will indicate trouble behind the wall. 
  • Texture – When water damage happens to flooring, the easiest way to spot it is by the change in the texture of the material. Flooring isn’t always going to discolor or bubble up like a wall or ceiling would. When it comes to texture, look for warping, buckling, sagging, sinking and expanding of the material.
  • Smell – If water damage is happening, more than likely there will be a mold problem. An area that is water damaged and moldy will stink! There will be a musty mildew-like smell that is unmistakable. Basements and attics are common places to find this odor when water damage is present.
  • Specific Areas – There are high-risk water damage areas in buildings that should be paid consistent attention to. Ceilings, walls, floors, attics, and bathrooms are common places for water damage to occur. Check under cabinets, around toilets, and in the structure for these signs.

Contacting Professionals When You Find Water Damage

If you find any of these signs of water damage in your home, it is important that you contact a certified professional right away. When water damage is ignored, it can quickly turn into a much bigger, (and much more expensive) problem. Successful remediation of water damage requires immediate water extraction and cleanup. If the culprit of the water damage is a pipe leak, it may be a good idea to contact a plumber to have the water stopped before restoration begins.

If you live in or around the Waukesha area, White Knight Carpet Rescuers is an experienced and qualified water restoration company who can also detect and remove mold if the water damage has progressed into a mold problem. Whichever direction you choose, make sure you are in the hands of skilled professionals.

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