Common Indicators Of A Water Leak

Water damage problems happen often without a property owner even being aware that there is a problem. But there are a lot of indicators that can tip you off to a problem:

You Water Bill Seems Irregularly High

This is one of the most simple ways of detecting the presence of a water leak in your home. You should know what your water bill regularly is. Thus, if you notice a significant jump in your bill one month for no apparent cause, then you have good reason to begin searching for a leak in your home. Any even more valuable method for preventing water damage that is along the same lines is to regularly check your water meter instead of waiting for your bill each month. Simply glancing at your water meter every few days will help you prevent any flooding from ever becoming too serious.

Mold Growth

Obviously, mold growth around your shower and windowsills is fairly common without a water leak. However, if you detect mold growing elsewhere in your home, it is probably a result of water leaking somewhere near that area. If this is the case for you, you should have a professional cleaning and restoration contractor such as White Knight in the Waukesha area come and inspect your home for mold. Our technicians at White Knight will be able to detect mold growing within your walls that may otherwise be difficult for you to find.

Peeling Paint And/Or Wallpaper

Too much moisture behind the walls can eventually cause paint and wallpaper to start peeling. This normally happens when the sheetrock behind the wall has absorbed too much water. Check for separation in the wallpaper along the seams or flaking paint to help locate a hidden water leak.

Musty Smell

If you notice a musty odor anywhere in your home, you are probably smelling mold. You don’t put up with that! As previously mentioned, you should contact a cleaning and restoration contractor to help you identify the mold and remove it from your home.

Discolored Or Damaged Walls, Floors, Or Ceilings

Water damage can really come from any angle when you’re dealing with a leaky pipe. Pipes run all throughout our homes, so the leak really could be anywhere. If you start to notice some discoloring on a wall, ceiling, or floor, or notice any of those surfaces changing in texture, becoming saggy, or feeling damp to the touch, there is a good chance you have a hidden water leak. As soon as you notice this, you should contact a certified restoration company, again, such as White Knight in the Waukesha area. The sooner you do this, the less damage that will accumulate over time and the better off you will be.

Buckled Ceilings Of Floors

If the sheetrock has absorbed too much water or moisture, it can affect the connected ceilings and floors.  Check your floors and ceilings for signs of stains and buckling and if you notice a problem, check the nearby walls for signs of water damage. Whether the problem is caused by water damage or not, you will want to immediately look into the source of the buckling to prevent it from getting worse.

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