3 Dangers Of Water Damage Cleanup

Most people know that a flood in your home causes a lot of damage. Standing water in any room that isn’t supposed to have standing water in it, can be a real drain on your wallet real quick. However, a lot of people don’t realize how dangerous standing water in your home can be. It can even be deadly, which is why you should always call a professional from White Knight right away to help you with your water damage cleanup in Madison. Here are some potential dangers of water damage


Okay, bacteria might not sound as scary as it is in reality, but it can be a huge threat to your health. There are different degrees of floodwater and it is important that you don’t come into contact with any floodwater that is very dirty. Flood water that is caused by a leak from a water pipe in your home might not be very dangerous, but if your water damage is from a backed up sewer line spewing into your home, you are dealing with some pretty serious biohazards waste. There is a whole slew of diseases that you could get it you come into contact with this kind of water. If your standing water in your home is coming from a flood outside your home, there is potential for chemical or biohazards waste to be in it as well. It is best to contact a professional to deal with the water cleanup. 


Another huge threat to your safety is if you have electricity running while you have standing water in your home. If the flood waters have reached any wiring or outlets, then you could become electrocuted if you step into the waters. If this is your situation, turn the switches to the off position in your fuse box, but only if it is in a safe, dry, accessible place. If it doesn’t meet that criterion, then contact your utility company right away to figure out how to get the electricity turned off. 


Another huge danger with your water damage cleanup project is if you have a gas line that has been compromised. If you have gas leaking into your home, it can be a huge hazard for a potential fire, especially if you don’t have your electricity turned off yet. If you have standing water in your home and you don’t know if these utilities have been dealt with, do not enter the home. Make sure you have a professional water damage cleanup specialist to see that all the necessary boxes are ticked off. 

You might think that it would be very frugal of you to try deal with your own water damage cleanup project by yourself, however, there are just too many dangers associated with water damage to take that risk. Call a professional today to figure out how to be safe in a water damage situation and in what ways you can be the most helpful. 

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