Is It Time For New Gutters?

Gutters play a huge role in water damage prevention. Your home is constantly being saved from structural damage because of how gutters carry rainwater and melted snow away from your property. Without gutters, your property might suffer from different types of water damage and damage to the foundation as well. The same holds true with old or broken gutters that are not serving its purpose.

Sometimes, all your gutters may need is a good cleaning to work as good as new. Other times, it is much wiser to invest in new gutters and not put your home at risk of water leaks, flooding and structural damage. Here are 4 things to watch for so that you know when it’s time to replace your gutters.

  1. Rusting Of The Gutters – Rust on the gutters is like having ice on windshield wipers. Rusting gutters tell us that there are holes or cracks in the gutters allowing water to slip out before it makes it all the way to its destination. You probably won’t notice any rust unless you are looking for it. Climb up on top of the house and take a peak. If you do notice molding, you definitely want to get new gutters. This isn’t a matter of patching or repair. (Hint: Aluminum gutters are the new trend. They won’t rust and will last longer.)
  2. Cracks In The Gutters – Just like rust, you might have to climb up on top of the house and check out the gutters. When gutters split or crack, the problem isn’t just that water can leak out and rust the gutters, and also cause structural damage, but the water that flows through the gutters can carry quite a force and split the cracks further and bigger. Any amount of dripping water is bad for your home and foundation, but the bigger the water leak, the more damage will happen.
  3. Water Damage And Flooding – Has your basement been flooding? Does it smell like mildew? Does the outside of your home have watermarks or other noticeable signs of water damage? When water leaks through gutters, the water runs down the sides of the property and can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes, the exterior isn’t the only place you will notice the water damage, it could be in certain locations on your ceiling or down the interior portion of your walls. Water damage can get pretty expensive to repair, especially if your basement is flooding and has standing water. Not only do you need to contact a water damage professional immediately, but you also want to check out your gutters and look into purchasing new ones quickly.
  4. Damaged Or Bent Gutters – Gutters that are bent, dented, or damaged are not going to do the job the right way. Gutters often pull away from the home when they are damaged and it’s easy to see how they are not working properly. When gutters begin to pull away from the home, it’s a pretty good indication that they are not draining correctly and holding a heavy amount of water inside.

If you notice any one of these issues with your gutters, take the time to research and invest in a new set of gutters that will withstand the weather in your area and hold together for a long time. If you do have these problems, it is best to contact a water damage restoration company so that they can scope the house for water damage or any leakage that could turn into a bigger problem. If you live in the Madison area, contact the professionals at White Knight Carpet Rescuers. We are always happy to help.

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