3 Long-Term Concerns of Water Damage

At the moment, with your home filled with water and with moisture seeping into your walls and floors, it may seem that your water damage problem can’t get any worse. However, for some water damage issues, this is just the beginning of your problems. At White Knight Carpet Rescue in the Madison area, we are prepared to help you overcome the immediate danger of water damage and avoid its long-term consequences as well. Below are three long-term consequences of water damage for you to be aware of.

Mold Damage

Within just 24 to 48 hours of an initial flood, mold can already begin to grow within your home. The mold growth wouldn’t be significant at that point, but it can become a big problem very quickly. The main thing that contributes to mold growth after a flood is remaining pockets of moisture that were not dried properly. If you notice a musty smell coming from anywhere in your home, it is probably an indicator that you have a mold problem. Last, it is important to make sure that you prevent mold from growing in the first place or take care of it quickly if it does. If not, the mold may begin to grow inside your walls and ceilings. This makes it very difficult to remove and could lead to much more time and expense for you.

Structural Weakening

Water damage can quickly or gradually cause significant damage to the structure of your home. It may do this quickly is the initial flood is moving at a relatively high speed so the impact alone causes the damage. It can also do this gradually. If the water is not cleaned up right away it can slowly eat away at the structural integrity of your home. This is a very important possibility stemming from water damage for you to be aware of as this structural damage could put you in danger without your being aware of it.

Health Problems

One of the problems with flooding that is often overlooked is how dangerous it can be to one’s health. Floodwater often carries harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can cause diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, and diphtheria. The most effective way to avoid this is to make sure that you do not come into contact with the floodwater until a professional restoration contractor can come out and assess the situation. However, if you know the source of the floodwater and that it contains only clean water then you can be confident going back into your home after the flood.

As you can see, water damage can continue to take its toll on you and your home long after the initial flood water has been cleaned up. To prevent that from happening to you, your best option is to contact a professional restoration contractor to handle the water damage cleanup process for you. We at White Knight Carpet Rescue in the Madison area are one such company. Give us a call for any of your water damage cleanup needs!

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