The Do’s and Do Not’s with Water Damage in Waukesha

If you experience water damage in your home or business, there are things that you can do the help the situation. There are also things you should avoid doing that could put you in danger, make the damage worse, and cost you more time and money.

Here are a few things you should and should not do…

Contact trained professionals, such as White Knight, for quick assistance and proper cleaning.
Water damage restoration professionals, like White Knight in Waukesha, are equipped to handle all kinds of water damage disasters. Not only do they have the proper equipment, but they also have experience and they know how to work with insurance companies to get the best coverage.

Find the source of the flow of water and, if possible, stop it.
You should determine the source of the flood. Is it a sewer problem? Is it from a deep window well? Even if you cannot stop the water yourself, if you can identify the source of the problem, then you’re one step closer to fixing the situation.

Remove objects safely
If you can move objects out of the water safely and without professional help such as cushions, home décor, and plants, you should do so. The shorter these objects are in the water the less damage will take place.

If the water damage has affected any electrical outlets or wires, turn off your electrical circuit breaker.
Water mixed with electricity is a danger zone in disguise. Everything may look safe, but if the water has reached any type of electrical circuit it can be very hazardous. Take the proper precautions and look for any potential risks.

Do Not:
Do not walk into deep water (you might get shocked)
Although your first instinct might be to hurry and rescue all of the items that you can, it can be a very dangerous situation. When electricity mixes with water, you do not want to step into that situation. You may get shocked and it is not worth the risk.

Do not attempt to work with contaminated/sewer water.
There are risks to your health when dealing with contaminated water. Sewage contains bacteria, viruses and other things that can spread disease and seriously affect your body.

Wait too long before taking action.
Waiting to take care of water damage is not a good idea and lead to further damage. Water is very powerful and when it is in places that it shouldn’t be, it can cause more damage than you think. Timing is vital when it comes to water damage, and should be treated with haste.

Using your own vacuum cleaner will seriously damage it and can also possibly cause electrical shock. Your vacuum is not made for such jobs. That is why you should always call a professional for water clean-up.

We hope you learned something useful from this blog post! In the event of water damage in your Waukesha home or business we hope you take these tips into consideration and remember, the potential hazards that come along with water damage.

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