Water Damage Restoration Worries

Move Fast to Avoid More Damage

If you suffer water damage your first question may be, “why me?!” To this, there is no answer. But the second question may be, “how long?” Your dry out will depend on the extent of the damage and saturation, how long the property has been exposed to water, and how quickly you got a water damage team in to help? With a quality crew like White Knight, it usually takes from 2 to 3 days to dry an average home. If the property has been exposed for an extended period of time, it could take up to 5 days. There are many variables, but the sooner White Knight starts, the better:

Water Damage Within Minutes

  • Water contamination spreads, rapidly increasing claim costs.
  • Moisture-sensitive furniture finishes begin to turn white.
  • Furniture standing on saturated carpets will begin to leach and stain the carpeting.
  • Important papers get ruined.

Water Damage Within Hours

  • Furniture in direct contact with water begins to delaminate and swell.
  • Normal household odors get amplified by humidity.
  • Dyes from non-colorfast fabrics begin to bleed.

Water Damage Within Days

  • Within 24-48 hours, fungi appear, along with their characteristic musty odors.
  • Severe warping and cupping of wood floors begin.
  • Paint blisters, dark spots appear on the walls, and wallpaper adhesives start to peel away.
  • Wood structural members begin to swell, warp and split apart.
  • Food is ruined.
  • Metal begins to rust

Water Damage Within Weeks

  • Mold sinks roots into organic materials and destroys their integrity.
  • Occupants must be evacuated due to health hazards.
  • Allergen sensitivity may arise from microbial growth.
  • A complete gutting of the structure may be necessary, which will drive the claim up astronomically and displace the occupants.

When your property suffers water damage, the emergency response is ready and available 24-7 to respond fast.  An on-call responder will assess the damage in less than two hours after your call, and extraction and drying will begin as soon as possible to mitigate any damages.

Whether your water intrusion is from a broken pipe or due to storm flooding, the White Knight Carpet Rescue Emergency Response Team (ERT) will treat you and your home or business with the respect you deserve. Multiple certifications in content and structural drying ensure that your property is restored to its original state in a timely manner.

Call For Help In Waukesha

When dealing with water damage, a prompt response is essential for mitigating damage, reducing your losses, and restoring your property as quickly as possible. When you call White Knight Carpet Rescue, you can count on us to work quickly and effectively. The longer water damage goes unchecked, the more the water will spread, the more damage is done, and the greater the potential for mold growth. If you have experienced water damage in your home or business, call our professionals immediately.

According to, it is important to dry water-damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. White Knight Carpet Rescue in Waukesha serves residential customers with a one hour or less response time. Qualified water damage experts will protect your home with intense cleaning, refinishing and emergency flood response. Contact White Knight Carpet Rescue and we will rescue you 24/7 from water emergencies.

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