Water Damage in Madison: Protect Your Home

Water Damage in Madison is the worst. And, it’s so common that sometimes it feels inevitable that you’ll deal with it at some point in your homeownership. However, White Knight Carpet Rescue, Inc. has a few tips to help you decrease your chances of water damage occuring in your home.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent water damage in your Madison home: 

  1. Investigate leaks right away and fix them promptly. Time is of the essence here, especially because leaks don’t fix themselves and water damage only gets worse with time if it isn’t actively being taken care of. Call a professional team at the first signs of problems to minimize damages, save money in the long run, and grant peace of mind. As an extra precaution, some homeowners install water leak detection devices in their homes, which will sound an alarm or (in some cases) send an alert to your smartphone when they detect unusual moisture. 
  2. Test your sump pump once a year. We also recommend giving it a quick test during especially stormy times.  If your pump stops working, water could flood into your basement. 
  3. Clean your gutters routinely. Standing water caused by buildup could erode through your gutters and cause damage to your roof. Secure your downspouts so that they point away from your home. 
  4. Inspect your appliances regularly, and replace pieces that appear brittle or worn out. Hoses should be replaced more often than appliances themselves to protect against leaking. Discoloration, bulging, or moisture on the outside of hoses are warning signs. 
  5. Turn off your water before you go out of town. In addition, don’t leave appliances such as dishwashers or laundry machines running while you go out, even for small errands. 
  6. Check your water pressure. If the pressure of the water running through your pumps is too high, they are far more likely to burst. You can purchase a water pressure gauge at a local hardware store. 
  7. Pay attention to your water bill. In addition to damaging your home, leaks can really take a toll on your wallet. A leak in an unknown location may be detected simply by knowing how much to expect on your monthly water bill- if your water bill spikes unexpectedly one month, there is a good chance that there is a leak somewhere causing a double whammy- increased water costs for water that you’re not even using, and the dreaded water damage. 
  8. Protect your pipes against freezing. One incredibly common cause of water damage is that pipes can get cold in the winter, allowing the liquid inside them to freeze. As the liquid freezes, it expands, sometimes causing the pipe to be stretched past its capacity. This leads to burst pipes, flooding or leaking, and, oftentimes, significant water damage. 

All this being said, sometimes, well-prepared people experience water damage as well. When it does happen, reacting fast and well is crucial to minimizing damages. Call a team of professionals at White Knight today; our trained professionals are always ready to “rescue” you and your home. 

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