Water Damage Restoration: Tips To Avoid Injury During A Flood

Here in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, floods are a fairly common occurrence. With extensive rain and snowfall, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water are constantly swelling. Slick runoff surfaces also can cause pooling and flooding in certain flat topographical areas during storms, which are nothing new during our spring and summer months. But even if we know what we should expect, sometimes it can be hard to know how to prepare for it. Even harder still can be knowing how to prepare for the aftermath. Floods can lead to dangerous water damage requiring cleanup and, in more extreme cases, total restoration of the area of the home. However, there are initiatives you can take to keep yourself and your family safe. The following are a few tips to heed before, during, and after an active flood to avoid injury:

Be Prepared For More Water

Listen to local radio and watch local news channels for updates. Things can change rapidly during a storm, and it’s best to stay informed at all times. Rain showers can lead to heavy rainfalls, which can lead to flooding. Weather can be predicted, but it still has a mind of its own, and it’s important to know professional advice when the stormy situation becomes more serious. Details they may divulge may be data such as the cause of the flood, how long it could be a potential threat, what specific areas are at most risk, etc.

Don’t Rely On DIY Methods

Water damage restoration can be a dangerous job. Aside from safety concerns, water damage restoration is complex. Water spreads through structures and damages areas that you cannot see. Professionals with experience, like White Knight, understand the flow of water through homes and businesses and are your best bet if you want to quickly recover from water damage.

Stay Out Of Floodwaters

Never assume any water is safe to walk or wade through. Any water can be hazardous for a number of reasons. Black water is literally water that has a dark tinge to it, although its name also has a more sinister double entendre. Black water is water that has been contaminated with potentially toxic materials, such as from a leaking sewage pipe or chemical plant, and exposure to it poses serious health risks. Mucky or discolored water is also difficult to see through, and dangerous debris can be floating just below the surface. Water, regardless of how dirty or clean, can be electrified, oftentimes from a downed power line or exposed wire. Even if you see no live electric source, the water could still be in contact with a conductive source, and should therefore be treated with the utmost caution. Unsafe water is one of the most serious consequences of floodings, and should only be handled by water damage restoration professionals.

Water Damage Restoration In Fitchburg

White Knight Carpet Rescue, Inc. of Fitchburg, Wisconsin is a water damage restoration company that has been servicing residential and commercial customers since 1990. White Knight offers on-call emergency contact 24/7, and a damage assessment within two hours of the initial call. IICRC, MCRA, ICRA, and SCRT certified, the skilled and experienced team members will begin water extraction and restoration processes as soon as possible, both to mitigate any previous damage, and in attempts to prevent any further damage from occurring. Floods can be terrifying. But following these simple tips, and familiarizing yourself with our team can make the work after a flood a lot less scary.

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