Water Damage In Madison- Lakes and Leaks

Between lakes Mendota and Lake Monona, Madison residents enjoy limitless opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. Bike-friendly paths offer carless options plus over 5,000 acres of parklands to explore all throughout the year. Water babies have 11 beaches to visit within the city limits; seven of them have lifeguards available for safe swimming. Nearby, we can visit lakes Mendota, Monona, Waubesa, Kegonsa and Wingra for water fun– seven days a week. 

Less than an hour’s drive away from the city, miles of wilderness are available to hike and bike on during the summer. In the winter, visit them again for opportunities for snow play. While Madison has countless places for water fun, your home can suffer from storms, snow, and indoor water problems. White Knight Carpet Rescue is available to assess, clean up, and restore what every Mother Nature or bad luck has given you this year. Simple plumbing leaks are a major contributor to water damage that requires professional restoration. Other common causes include:

Severe Weather

Strong winds and a heavy downpour could damage your roof, sending a certain amount of rainwater straight down into your house or business. Severe weather can sometimes lead to flash flooding, especially when your property is in a flood-prone area. And the worst scenario would be a storm crashing a branch through a window, letting in tons of water. 

Clogged Gutters

Your home’s gutter system draws rainwater away from your house, unless blocked by leaves, branches, and other types of debris over time. When not properly cleaned and maintained, heavy rains fill what space was left in the gutters and overflows. As water streams onto the decking and brick patio below, it could leak through foundation cracks into the home’s basement. All that moisture runs down the side of the house, and causes water damage on the ceiling, walls, and floors.

Failing Appliances

Hoses, valves, and switches are the plumbing connections that can fail, causing a puddle of water on your floor. Dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators can all develop sudden leaks that spray all over the room. Or a small crack in a line can allow a tiny leak to linger for weeks or months, creating damage in the wooden cabinets.

Washing Machine Leaks

Water supply lines connecting your washer are under constant pressure.  They can easily wear out and rupture, flooding your laundry room with up to 20 gallons of water in a few minutes. And if your machine is on the second floor, the water can leak into the ceiling below. 

AC Condensation

Your air conditioning unit produces condensation, with the moisture dripping from the unit’s evaporator coil into a drain pan and out of your property through a condensate drain line. This drainage system works until the drain pan is damaged, or the condensate drain line is clogged with dust or dirt. All that water dripping from your AC unit can damage the floor and walls and can even make your insulation soggy.

The volume of air conditioner dripping condensation varies widely depending on current humidity levels and temperature, as well as several details regarding the size, efficiency and installation of the air conditioner. Attic air conditioners can cause even more damage because water can leak throughout the entire home; the average cost of flooding damage from an air conditioning leak is $5,000.

Blocked drains

Hair, grease buildup, toiletries, dirt, and other foreign objects could obstruct the drainpipes of your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and bathtub. The clogs can cause flooding and water damage to floors, cabinets, baseboards, and walls. And back luck usually strikes when you aren’t home. When you find water damage due to a blocked drain, call White Knight immediately to clean up and prevent mold in those wet spaces. 

Leaking Water Heater

Your average tank-style water heater has a typical lifespan of about 10 years. Like any appliance, wear and tear degrade the connections and something breaks. Some signs of imminent failure include: water accumulation beneath the heater, hissing or whistling sound characteristic of a worn valve, chronic hot water shortages. 

And when a water heater leaks, your basement will be flooded quickly with rusty water. 

It is one of the most expensive appliance failures since it can leak 40-60 gallons of water if it corrodes and breaks. 

Call For Water Damage Restoration Help in Madison

Swimming, boating, kayaking and cross country skiing are great ways to enjoy extra water and the outdoors. However, when you have extra water INDOORS, White Knight Carpet Rescue responds to residential customers within an hour. Qualified water damage restoration experts will protect your home with intense cleaning, refinishing and emergency flood response.

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