Four Tips For Dealing With Your Insurance Company After Water Damage

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Typically, the last thing anyone wants to deal with after a flood is their insurance company. Nonetheless, it’s a necessary part of successfully navigating the water damage insurance process. To help you deal with your insurance company, here are four tips from our restoration experts at White Knight in Madison.

Water Damage Restoration Company In Madison

Get An Advance On Your Claim

It’s difficult to remember to grab essentials like toiletries or clothes when you are forced to evacuate your home due to dangerous water damage conditions. Some of these things may have even been completely lost in the fire. Don’t panic. Call your insurance company and ask that someone bring a check to wherever you’re staying. That way, you can purchase necessities without having to wait for your ultimate insurance coverage. Take care of your needs, but don’t go overboard. Be practical with what you buy because the insurance company will refuse to reimburse you for anything that’s not detrimental. For instance, if you need a pair of slacks and a dress shirt for work, don’t assume you can head to the most expensive clothing store in town.

Board Up Your Home And Secure The Property

During the water damage restoration process, parts of your home may be open to the outside. For instance, this could happen if you have a wooden door that sustains serious damage from the flood and needs to be replaced. If your home is left exposed to the outside, it is vulnerable to all kinds of intrusions from wildlife, the elements, and vandals. Make sure the water damage restoration company you go with does a good job of boarding up your property after a flood. If this doesn’t occur, your insurer may not include money in the claim for damage that occurred because the home wasn’t boarded up.

Keep Track Of Your Living Expenses

Many water damage insurance policies don’t just cover the cost of the repairs. They will also cover the cost of your living expenses for a time if you are forced out of your home due to the damage. To avoid confusion in the future, maintain clear documentation of your living expenses caused by the flood so you can submit them for reimbursement.

Make Sure Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Lag Behind

Last of all, make sure you stay on top of your insurance company so they don’t fall behind on processing and fulfilling your claim. These things can take time, but they shouldn’t take extremely long. In fact, insurance companies are required to have an adjuster out to your home within two weeks of when you submit your claim. Keep following up to ensure things are done well and done swiftly.

At White Knight in Madison, we are invested in your success. Our number one goal is for you to successfully make it through the water damage restoration process. Give us a call today if your home is flooded and we’ll be right out to help you repair the damage and deal with your insurance company.

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