Four Water Damage Prevention Tips Anyone Can Follow

Feel out of your depth when it comes to preventing water damage? You’re not alone! It can be overwhelming to consider all of the possible ways that water damage can infiltrate your home. Rather than do this, however, it is better to focus on the things you can do to prevent water damage. By following the few simple tips from our restoration experts at White Knight in Fitchburg listed below, you will be well on your way to preventing water damage in your home. 

Install Window Well Covers

Window Wells are susceptible to water damage. The best line of defense to keep your window wells from filling up with water and causing damage is to install window well covers. Window well covers keep out all the moisture that can through your windows and into your basement. They are very affordable and worthwhile purchases and can save you from future water damage restoration costs. 

Install Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices may be one of the best purchases you have ever made. They function like smoke detectors and sound an alarm if they detect excess levels of moisture. This is important because even if you are out of the home or the leak begins in an obsolete area you can still be notified of it and take steps to stop it. 

Monitor Your Water Bill

Your water bill may not immediately seem like something that can help you prevent water damage, but it can actually be a very effective tool for doing so. To do this, however, you must first understand what your typical water bill is. Then, as you get a new water bill each month, you can compare it against the baseline cost for your bills in the past. If it is significantly higher for no apparent reason, there is a strong possibility that there is a leak somewhere in your home. If there is a leak somewhere in your home that is driving up your water bill, there is a good chance that leak is causing water damage somewhere in your home. If you don’t want to wait for your water bill to come, you can also check your water meter which will give you your water usage for the month at any time. 

Take Action If You Spot Any Mold

Mold doesn’t just grow on its own. If you see mold somewhere, there is high likelihood that you have a water damage problem as well. Thus, after discovering mold, you should do three things. First, clean up the mold and any excess moisture as well as you can. Second, identify the source of the leak that allowed mold to grow in the first place. Third, decide if you need to contact a professional water damage restoration company for help with your water damage and mold problems. If you are unsure, it is always best to lean on the side of calling the restoration pros for help. 

These suggestions don’t comprise everything you need to do to prevent water damage, but they do make up some of the most important. Nonetheless, if your home is ever affected by water damage, our restoration experts at White Knight in Fitchburg are here to help. 

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