Water Damage Restoration For Madison Residents & Electrical Risks

Light bulb made of water splashes

Every Madison homeowner should be aware of the potential hazards that come with water damage restoration – in case of an indorr water disaster, your family will be much more safe if they know what they need to be extra cautious of. One of the most important hazards is the electrical system. Determining whether or not your electrical system has been compromised by water damage can be a dangerous task.

Water and electricity can create a potentially lethal combination, especially when attempting to resolve the issue on your own. We are going to take a closer look at water damage to the electrical system, and how to keep you and your family safe during restoration.

Water Damage Restoration In Madison

First things first, to eliminate the threat altogether you need to shut off the electricity at the source any time you have a water damage issue. If you do not know where the electrical box is, you cannot reach it, or you do not know how to properly shut it off, call an electrician. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with power and electrocution, so do not be afraid to call in help.

How can you tell if your water damage was severe enough to compromise your electrical system?

Any time that wiring is exposed to water or excess moisture, the internal components become compromised. Wires have insulation around them and fillers inside that serve as conduits. When exposed to water, both the insulation and filler can fail. Conductive materials that are exposed to water will need to be replaced and inspected before any power can run through them again. If water damage in your home is at the level of your outlets or above, you must consider the electrical system compromised and take extreme caution.

Awareness of electrical problems after water damage extends even further than your home’s electrical system itself. Any appliances or electronic devices that have been exposed to water damage should also be handled with extreme caution. Be sure to deactivate and unplug all electronics when water damage occurs, and do not attempt to plug them back in or power them back up until a thorough examination by a trained water damage restoration professional has been performed.

Appliances and other electronic devices that have suffered from water damage and are deemed unrepairable can be added to your losses list for insurance purposes, and will need to be disposed of properly and then replaced.

This may all seem overwhelming, especially on top of dealing with a water disaster, but it is important to remember that once water is introduced to the electrical system, it cannot be used until it has been dried out and checked by a qualified restoration professional.

Once power to the area has been shut off, do not turn it back on until an electrician has inspected it and has given their approval. Failure to do so could run the risk of serious injury or even start a fire. This is just one more reason why calling in professional help for water damage restoration is the best thing you can do for you and your home. With access to electricians, and experience dealing with water damage, the restoration experts at White Knight can safely clean and restore your home after water damage. If you are in the Madison area and require water damage restoration, call the experts at White Knight Carpet Rescuers today!

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