Summer Weather And Water Damage Restoration In Wisconsin

Warm summers in the land between Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, Lake Kegonsa, and Lake Waubesa entice tourists and residents to jump in and play hard. But summer weather can also be extreme. Thunderstorms are typically a summertime phenomenon, with south-central Wisconsin usually getting 40 days of thunder and lightning per year. Occasional hail, wind, and lightning is scary, but also risky for your home. A summer squall can send a branch crashing into your roof, hail can break your windows. 

Extreme weather changes seem to increase annually; this year is no exception. While preventive maintenance is always a good idea, you can’t predict the weather. Therefore,  responsible homeowners must continue to protect their properties with homeowners insurance. And White Knight Service Company is always on call to help Madison residents recover from severe summer weather.   

Common Weather-Related Water Damage

While a nice slow rain will green up the lawn, sustained rain and stormwater runoff can quickly overwhelm natural and manmade systems. This flood water can back up into your home and cause substantial property damage. If the groundwater rises too high, it can affect the septic or sewer system. In some cases, this may lead to sewer waste backing up into the house.

Strong winds can lift up shingles, tear off siding, break branches, and propel items into the siding. Hailstones will damage roofing shingles, dent your car, or break your windows. When a roof or wall is damaged due to wind,  hail or wind-driven rain that gets inside the home can cause problems inside. 

A lightning strike and or power surges can start a catastrophic chain of events. A loss of power can inadvertently lead to a house fire. 

Protecting Your Property

If you’ve been hit by a summer storm, get organized before any more rain falls on the damaged areas. Call White Knight service company for comprehensive cleanup and restoration capabilities. An on-call responder will assess the damage in less than two hours after your call. The crew will arrive and start drying as soon as possible. 

Contact your insurance company to report damage; get the ball rolling now (before repairs take place.) Take pictures and video of the damage; don’t toss out anything before hearing from the adjuster.

You might need to make temporary repairs to prevent more damage.  The White Knight crews can cover holes to keep rain out or board up broken windows. 

Of course you want the repairs ASAP, but rebuilding too quickly after a flood can cause additional problems. Let the experts thoroughly dry the area and make all the proper repairs in order to limit mold growth, insect infestations, and deterioration of the wood and wall coverings. 

For Water Damage Restoration In Madison

If you had weather, rain, or wind damage this summer, take action. Correct damage now, before we get another storm. Once White Knight identifies the issue, they can give you a free price estimate for repairs. Then they will quickly and easily resolve problems on the siding, windows, exterior doors or roof overhangs. Their goal is to repair any damaged areas to protect your structure from more structural problems. 

White Knight Carpet Rescue of Madison, Wisconsin serves residential customers with a one hour or less response time. Qualified water damage experts will protect your home with intense cleaning, refinishing and emergency flood response. White Knight Carpet Rescue will rescue you 24/7 from water emergencies. Contact White Knight Carpet Rescue today.

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