Water Damage Cleanup From Appliances

With all the technological advances in recent years, the appliances in our homes have become a major part of day-to-day life. Although these gadgets make carrying out the menial activities of our lives much more comfortable and convenient, they can also make quite a mess and leave us in need of some serious water damage cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup Waukesha

Here are just a few instances of appliances that have gone awry and caused water damage in Waukesha homes.


Many people do not realize that the drain in a dishwasher is covered by a filter that needs to be removed and cleaned out regularly. Larger food particles and other grit get caught in it, and over time, buildup surrounding it might prevent water passage. Water can start to spill out along the sides of the washing tub or somewhere else if that filter becomes too clogged and the tub cannot drain. Use the proper type and quantity of detergent for your dishwasher, and be sure to clear out the drain filter at least once a month to prevent water damage cleanup.

Washing Machines

Have you ever wondered how much water your washing machine uses during an average wash cycle? For each load, washing machines can use anywhere from 10 to 40 gallons of water. This appliance gets a lot of water going in and out of it several times every day. All that water might end up pouring out into your laundry room if the hoses that it passes through get kinked or their connections loosen over time. To prevent leaks brought on by degradation, check hose connections at least once a month to make sure they are secure and think about replacing the water hoses every 3-5 years. If you are not already using reinforced rubber or braided stainless steel hoses, switch to them because they are more resistant to leaks, tears, and kinks which will help reduce the risk of needing water damage cleanup.

Water Heaters

There are not many things more annoying than running out of warm water in the middle of a shower, but having your water heater tank flood your house is undoubtedly one of them. Water heater tanks typically hold between 50 and 100 gallons of water at any given moment to guarantee there is always an appropriate supply of hot water. In order to heat up and supply more hot water for what is being consumed, the tank is made to continuously replenish itself when hot water is being utilized. In order to heat up and supply more hot water for what is being consumed, the tank is designed to continually replenish itself. While this function is fantastic for long hot showers, it is terrible if your water heater tank decides to leak because your house will be inundated with a continual flow of water until the water line is shut off. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for appropriate temperature settings and safe water pressure readings combined with routine maintenance is the best way to keep your water heater functioning properly and efficiently while also avoiding potential water damage cleanup. 

Even though we are very appreciative of the appliances that we do have, we still need to be attentive and careful when using them to avoid major water damage cleanup. Regardless of the source of your water damage, White Knight is here to help with cleanup.

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