Fire Damage Restoration

Property fires are unexpected, and are often a difficult time for homeowners or business owners who are now dealing with a significant loss. Entrusting the physical property restoration after a fire to a professional can relieve your burden during this time, and can help ensure you are able to return to your home or reopen your business as soon as possible. When your property has been affected by fire damage, our emergency response team is available 24-7, and an on-call responder will be on-site and assessing the damage within two hours of your call. We will work fast to mitigate the damage, protect your property, and begin the restoration process.

Whether your property has suffered a small fire leaving behind mostly smoke damage, or a large fire with significant structural damage, the White Knight Carpet Rescue Emergency Response Team (ERT) has the experience, expertise, and equipment to restore your property to it’s original state in a timely manner.

Professional Emergency Response

After a fire, it is important for cleanup and restoration work to begin as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to help you return to your home or business as soon as possible. Smoke and soot residues can continue to cause damage to your property long after the fire is out, and can cause damage that is irreversible. Contact White Night Carpet Rescue as soon as possible and put our team to work for you. We have a team of skilled fire damage restoration experts who can get to work immediately. Call us today to be rescued!

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