Mold Removal

Mold growth in your home or business? Whether you have visible mold growth or suspect a problem due to a musky odor, mold growth should never be ignored. Mold growth occurs when there is enough moisture in the air and an organic food source for mold spores to feed on. Mold spores are microscopic and occur naturally in the environment, so when there is mold growth in your home it’s often a sign of an underlying or unaddressed water damage issue.

Many people worry about the specific type of mold growth that is occurring, but really any mold growth is bad news and should be remediated by a professional. Because mold spores are microscopic, disturbing the mold in an uncontrolled environment can send the spores airborne, enabling them to travel to other areas of your property or into your HVAC system. Many people are also allergic to mold, and mold has been shown to have adverse health effects, especially for sensitive populations.

If you have visible mold growth or suspect mold growth, call White Knight Carpet Rescue today for a consultation. If your mold growth is occurring as a result of water damage, we can also help dry your property and restore it to it’s original state.

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