Carpet 101: Repair and Cleaning

At home, carpets get a lot of wear and tear. Carpets commonly sustain buckles and burns, have discoloration, has missing turfs, tears installation, and has unraveled seams. When looking for a trusted and thorough technician to perform the repair of your carpet, only choose the trained professionals at White Knight Carpet Rescue in Madison, Wisconsin.

A good recommendation is to not repair your carpet yourself or having someone else do it who is not a skilled expert on repairing carpets. Only hire a technician at White Knight Carpet Rescue who has a certification through the Institute of Inspection or a Cleaning and Restoration Certificate. These types of professionals know a large variety of solutions in order to be able to repair your carpet correctly. They are also equipped with the most up to date knowledge and techniques. They are able to easily determine the best route to take and how to improve the quality of your carpet.

Repairing Carpets

One of the most common form of carpet repair is something called, “carpet stretching.” Professionals will use carpet stretching when the carpet starts to bunch up or ripple in your home. If you experience small ripples, this is from moving heavy furniture on the floor. If your carpet is not installed correctly, it will also make small ripples as well. Small rippling will not need to be replaced right away as it is not a major concern, but rippling that is more extensive will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If not, the whole flooring may need to be replaced completely due to this.

Carpet stretching can solve most of the carpet’s problems and this is even a low expense. If the flooring is installed or manufactured poorly, this is when you may need to replace your carpet. Carpet stretching is an easy technique that the professionals at White Knight Carpet Rescue can perform with no problem at all. This technique consists of pulling up all of the ends of the carpet and stretch it out until it is taut. Once the flooring is pulled out, the technician will cut away the excess and simply put it back in place. They will then secure it in place, so the carpet does not move out of its original state.

For a professional to properly stretch carpet, the whole process will require several tools. This repair job along with many other repairs of the carpet will need a slotted blade knife. This tool will allow the technician to separate the flooring around the edges. An awl and hammer are also used to separate the pile from the tack strip. An industrial staple gun is used to secure the carpet back in place. This is one of the most important tools a professional could use. The power stretcher comes in first for the most important tools for this job and a knee stretcher, or kicker, is then typically used to finish off this process.

Cleaning Carpets

The quality of benefits that come with hiring a skilled professional is phenomenal. They have the latest equipment, including a heavy-duty cleaning machine that is so powerful, that the power is allowed to get deep down into all the fibers of your carpet and remove dirt. This machine will even pull up the dirt in your carpet that has been there for many years. They are also able to get out any odors in the carpet that are not pleasant to smell. Only White Knight Carpet Rescue will have these heavy-duty cleaning machines at hand.

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