Ceramic Tile and Stone Cleaning

If your ceramic tile or specialty stone is in need of a good cleaning to restore it to it’s natural beauty…don’t worry. White Knight Carpet Rescue offers a selection of services to help restore your floors to their original beauty.

  • Regular tile floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Grout sealing
  • Special treatments for odors and allergens

Professional Tile & Stone Cleaning

Hard floor surfaces such as stone, concrete, ceramic/clay, wood, resilient, or other speciality flooring are popular choices in homes and commercial buildings due to their inherent durability and beautiful appearance. These floors are generally easy to maintain, but do require professional maintenance to protect the floors from damage and to restore their natural beauty. Over time hard floors can trap dirt, bacteria, and other microscopic materials in it’s porous or grooved surface, leading to soil build up that can result in a dull appearance and erosion. Sooner or later, it’s necessary to clean beyond routine dusting and damp mopping; that’s the time to call in White Knight Carpet Rescue for help.

Our certified technicians have the specialized training and experience it takes to select the proper cleaning solvents, equipment, tools and materials for maintaining or restoring hard surface flooring to its original beauty. We understand how different cleaning methods affect certain flooring types, and will choose the correct method of cleaning that will deliver the best results.

Unsure of how much your hard surface cleaning will cost for your home or office? White Knight Carpet Rescue offers FREE consultations. Simply call or e-mail to schedule an appointment, and an associate will come out, free of charge.

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