Carpet Repair

If your carpet has sustained major damage or staining…don’t worry! White Knight Carpet Rescue offers a large selection of carpet repair services to help restore your carpets to their original beauty.

Our carpet repair services include:

  • Open or raveling seams
  • Ripples or buckling
  • Bleach spots or discolorations
  • Special treatments for odors and allergens
  • Burns, holes or cuts
  • Re-laying of carpet cushion
  • Bonded inserts
  • Emergency response services for flooding and water damage

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Professional Carpet Repair

What do you do when normal wear and tear begins to take its toll on your carpet, or occasional accidents cause damage to face yarns or backings? Call White Knight Carpet Rescue! Our trained and certified carpet repair technicians offer simple suggestions on how to keep carpets looking great.

Damage to carpets is inevitable with regular use, but it doesn’t mean you have to look at that awful stain or burn, fraying or ripples until it’s time to replace your carpet! At White Knight Carpet Rescue, we can extend the life of your carpet by repairing seams, stains, burns, holes, cuts, and eliminating odors, all at a fraction of the cost to replace your carpet.

Unsure of how much these carpet repairs may cost? White Knight Carpet Rescue offers FREE consultations. Simply call or e-mail to schedule an appointment, and an associate will come out, free of charge.

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