Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Our team of professionals have cleaned and maintained area rugs from all over the world. We understand that each rug is unique in material, construction, and design and will use our expertise to ensure your rug receives the proper care.

We offer pick up and delivery services so that we can clean your rugs in our state of the art rug cleaning facility. Whether your rug needs a sprucing up or a full cleaning due to an unexpected spill or damage caused by your pet, we can help.

Area Rug Cleaning & Maintenance

Over time and with regular use, area rugs can trap pounds of dirt hidden deep within it’s fibers, and vacuuming alone is not enough to release and remove the trapped dirt, allergens, and other contaminants from your rugs. These embedded soils can damage your rug, slowing eroding and weakening the fibers of your rug. At White Knight Carpet Rescue, we utilize specialized equipment to release these soils, then will thoroughly clean your rug in our facility, addressing any stains, stubborn soils, odors, and more. After your rugs have been cleaned, we’ll carefully groom your rugs, restoring their natural beauty.

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