Signs Of Water Damage And Restoration Tips

Water damage is easy to diagnose when you can see standing water in your home. However, not all water damage occurs in areas you can see. Since there is plumbing behind the walls, in our crawl spaces, and in other hidden areas, sometimes there can be water damage that we do not catch until it has caused other problems. From our water damage restoration specialists, here are some signs that could indicate you have water damage in your home in Waukesha. 

Water Damage Restoration In Waukesha

Musty odors

If you notice a strong, unmistakable smell coming from a specific area in your home, it is usually a good indicator of moisture in the area. Excess moisture leads to mold growth, and mold growth leads to a musty odor. This smell can be extremely prevalent in basements or cellars, but will occur wherever there is hidden water damage. If any section of your home or building smells musty, have that area checked for water damage.

Changes to floors, walls, and ceilings

If the subfloor below your flooring gets too wet, the flooring on top can begin to show signs of water damage. Cupping wood floors, bowing floorboards, or even bubbling up of floors are all signs that there is excess moisture present. Drywall will begin to bow, bend, and even crack, along with ceilings when excess moisture is present. Any physical changes to the structural elements of your home should be evaluated for hidden water damage.

Discoloration and spots on walls and ceilings

When water leaks through insulation, drywall, and walls, it can leave stains and discoloration. These watermarks can range in colors, and may appear dark or dryer at different times. If you notice spots on the ceiling that are more pronounced when it rains, or spots on the wall that appear darker whenever the shower is running, it more than likely means water is getting out behind those walls or above the ceiling. 

Peeling or bubbling paint

Walls that have plumbing fixtures traveling inside their cavities are more likely to experience peeling and bubbling paint from water damage. If you notice paint bubbling up or peeling on a wall, you should consider calling a water damage restoration company to see if there are hidden water problems there.

Visible mold

While mold spores are unseen by the human eye, mold can grow on surfaces and become visible. If you see mold, that is a sure sign that there is excess moisture present. Mold can appear in many different colors from green to gray to white and black. It may even have a fuzzy appearance. Mold exposure can cause a number of respiratory symptoms to those exposed to it, so if you notice visible mold, do not attempt to remove it on your own. Call in the water damage restoration professionals who can not only safely remove mold, but can also address the water damage that leads to the mold growth in the first place. 

If you notice any of the above signs, or suspect there may be hidden water damage in your home, call the water damage restoration specialists at White Knight right away.

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